As the head of a department you are bringing on several new members of staff. These young staff are asking for mentorship. While staff have been paired in the past, they almost never met and seldom did the mentee or mentor find the relationship effective. What are the expectations of a mentorship programme and how … Continue reading Mentorship

Accountability for Group Performance

You are reviewing the performance of the department as a whole. Within your department there are widespread calls for accountability. How do you achieve accountability without disenfranchising your staff? While goodwill and desire drives performance, there must still be accountability for job performance. This may be at an individual or a group level. Accountability requires … Continue reading Accountability for Group Performance

Laying the Groundwork: Developing an Agenda for Change

You have started as the head of a clinical group. During the selection process, you articulated several important changes, both short- and long-term, needed for the group. However, you realize many of the members in the team see different priorities. How do you bring everyone onto the same page? To be a transformational leader, an … Continue reading Laying the Groundwork: Developing an Agenda for Change